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20 Shocking Revelations From Netflix’s Senzo Meyiwa Documentary Episode 2 

Netflix latest docuseries  on Senzo Meyiwa’s murder is probably one of the best documentaries ever produced in South Africa. Episode 2 features commentary from Bhaka Nzama, his mother , Mzilikazi Wa Afrika , biographer Soweto Mandlazi and more! Below are 20 Shocking Revelations From Netflix’s Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star Episode 2.  

1.A Vosloorus Sangoma claimed that Kelly and Zandi visited her in the early hours of the morning after Senzo was killed to be cleansed 

2.The Sangoma was kidnapped, beaten and dumped in the road after article came out 

3.“Senzo was happily in love with Kelly” – Robert Marawa 

4.Kelly initially refused to give Senzo’s family  Senzo’s car and belongings , she was later persuaded by Senzo’s close friend who advised her that not giving the family these items would make her look guilty

5.Kelly accused Jub Jub of physically and emotionally abusing her something he denied 

6.Kelly accused Mandisa of trying to push her off the road whilst driving 

7.Mandisa said she pissed Kelly and Zandi off by calling them “Junkies”

8.Kelly found out Senzo had a wife the day she found out she is pregnant 

9.Senzo was staying at Kelly’s house and at Senzo’s time of death he was said to be dating both Kelly and Mandisa 

10.Kelly was forced to leave the hospital were Senzo was taken to because fans and Mandisa’s friends were accusing her of Senzo’s death 

11.Mtokozisi Twala was liked by Senzo’s family because unlike Tumelo ( Senzo’s other friend ) he left right after Senzo 

12.Senzo lied to his first wife that he was studying medicine 

13.Senzo and Mandisa got married in 2021

14.Senzo saw Kelly on TV and planned to “hit and run” but Kelly wasn’t having it. She went and camped at Senzo’s house Senzo’s place saying “ You don’t do that to me I’m not a one night stand “

15.Senzo family believe Kelly manipulated Senzo into wanting to keep a baby they initially wanted to abort after she told him the baby was from Siya ( Senzo’s twin who died as a child whilst at the beach with their father )

16.Mandisa randomly went back home from work only to find Senzo hanging with  Kelly and his friends at their house, she subsequently packed and left 

17.Mandisa was admitted in hospital due to the stress caused by Senzo’s relationship with Kelly

18.Mandisa was open to Senzo taking a second wife but she wasn’t keen on being in a pologamy marriage with Kelly as the second wife due to their first encounter were she was attacked by Kelly and Zandi 

19.Former Gauteng Hawks Boss, Shadrack Sibiya does not believe that Senzo’s wife Mandisa wanted him killed. 

20.Senzo’s mum went to see a Sangoma to try get Senzo back with his wife

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