Former ‘World Best Footballer’ On The Verge Of Becoming Liberian President

Former ‘World Best Footballer’ On The Verge Of Becoming Liberian President! George Weah made history as the first and only African to win Ballon d’Or award in 1995, now the fifty one year old is on the verge of making more history in his country Liberia.

The former AC Milan striker George Weah is awaiting the result of Liberia’s election as he vies to replace Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as the country’s president.


The 51-year-old is already a senator and is standing for the Congress for Democratic Change party. Weah is one of 20 candidates standing for election with 50 per cent of the vote needed to win.

“We are one and together we must succeed in writing a new chapter in our country’s glorious history,” Weah told voters in his final campaign message before they went to the polls.

“His former football career helps him a lot. It reminds Liberians of a lot of good things,” an unnamed source said.



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