Habana’s Best Tweets On Money And Spending

Habana’s Best Tweets On Money And Spending! Bryan Habana is a South African rugby union player who is also contracted to French club Toulon.

Playing in his position as a wing, Habana was one of the stars of the 2007 Rugby World Cup-winning Springbok squad, scoring eight tries in the competition. He holds, with All Black Jonah Lomu, the record (15) for most tries in World Cups. Habana is the second most prolific try scorer of all time in tests (64) after Japan’s Daisuke Ohata (67). Here are some of the tweets he shared about his spending and money choices.

1. I’m very different from many other players of colour growing up in South Africa. I didn’t grow up underprivileged. I got given the best opportunities. I went to the best schools. — Bryan Habana, legend-of-legends

2. You’re earning a lot of money at a very younger age than most… The money does dry up… You go from earning a salary equivalent to a CEO… a lot of people struggle in the transitional period… All of a sudden you have to buy your own clothes… — Bryan Habana, legend-of-legends

3. The real world is a pretty cutthroat one… Working 8 to 5… it’s a little different to what life has been! — Bryan Habana, legend-of-legends

4. I bought a Whitney Houston CD [with his first ever pay]… — Bryan Habana, legend-of-legends

5. I’ve made some pretty stupid investments buying pieces of land… as a professional sportsman, you’re an easy target… — Bryan Habana, legend-of-legends

6. To get into a habit of saving… if I [only] started 16 years ago… hindsight is the best… — Bryan Habana, legend-of-legends

7. I’ve got an incredibly bad addiction to buying the latest Adidas shoes that come out… — Bryan Habana, legend-of-legends

8. The best decision I took was investing in a pension fund suited for rugby players that paid out at 33 years old… — Bryan Habana, legend-of-legends

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