Hlompho Kekana Sets The Record Straight On Arrest Rumors

Hlompho Kekana Sets The Record Straight On Arrest Rumors! Social media hacking has become big and some of the country’s biggest celebs are the most targeted.

Some hackers do it to get thw accounts that has thousands of followers and some do it to scam the victim’s friends and family. In the soccer world, the latest victim is Sundowns captain Hlompho Kekana whose WhatsApp and Instagram got hacked only getting back the latter. Hlompho took to Instagram to warn his fans and also set the record straight on rumors that he had been arrested.

“Hello…my Instagram was hacked I just got it back this morning…..my whatsapp is still not with me….I’m not arrested for speed, we just got back from Egypt,” he wrote expressing that we live in a f*cked world.

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