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La Liga Launch PUMA Winter Match Ball

La Liga in partnership with giant kit manufacturer and equipment supplier PUMA recently launched the league’s new matchday ball to coincide with the darkness of the winter months.

PUMA got in on the act with the obligatory winter design for the La Liga ball, with a bright pink, yellow and teal paint job giving the 2019/20 variation a unique and bespoke look.

The eye-catching colour combination applied to the existing match ball design provides La Liga with their own, unique, globally recognisable and completely exclusive match ball design.

With an 18 panel heat sealed structure, the LaLiga football is a perfect sphere that guarantees better stability, a soft touch and reduced water absorption. The bigger panels allow a better connection with the sphere.

The ball will be used from October 24 until February 23 on the other side of the Pyrenees as of next Friday, with the opening match of the 10th day of La Liga between Villarreal and the Deportivo Alaves.

By Gerald Dandah

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