Pics! Check Out The Club Yeye And Shabba Built From Scratch

Pics! Check Out The Club Yeye And Shabba Built From Scratch! Former Kaizer Chiefs teammates Yeye and Shabba’s friendship grew outside of soccer and the two are in a business together.

Yeye and Shabba are proud co-owners of a club/ chill spot in Soweto called ShaYe Lounge. The lounge currently operates on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. ShaYe Lounge employs 13 people and the bar has a strictage limit of 24 years. The dress code restricts Converse and All Star takkies.

Yeye took to Instagram sharing photos of how the building used to look to the finished club that it has become now. The soccer star said he’s proud of the progress they’ve made so far.

“We’ve come a long way for it not to work. It has too. Not easy as we have started a journey on an industry that is new to us. We decided to take the challenge, make mistakes, people taking advantage of the fact that we are new in the industry, not being able to get help where expected to be helped. Being let down, having sleepless nights, stressing about how it will pen out to be to mention a few,” Yeye shared on Instagram.

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