‘PSL Clubs Can’t Match Sundowns Financially’ – Tinkler

The Cape Town City coach Eric Tinkler has once again spoken the difficulties of matching Mamelodi Sundowns who seem to attract the best players and have the means to meet their financial expectations.

Tinkler recently spoke about how his side is planning to stop Dos’ dominance and he has once again spoken about the gap between them and Masandawana. Tinkler’s closed the chapter of this campaign with a 1-0 defeat at the hands of their Western Cape neighbours Stellenbosch FC.

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Tinkler says there’s a small gap between their players at City and the ones at Sundowns in terms of the technical qualities.

“There is a lot [needed] for all the clubs to close the gap on Sundowns because we can’t match them financially,” he said. “They can attract all the best players, and with the type of salaries those players are earning there, no other club can match that.

“A lot of times you will have situations, which you see there, where you have players who don’t get a lot of game time but you can’t blame them. You can’t blame the players if they are going to get paid the type of money that is going to secure their futures and the futures of their families.

“So, it is difficult for us as a club to be able to compete at that level. What we do know is that on the field, we will look to compete with tenacity and determination. That we can do. There’s a small gap between the players who are at Sundowns, in terms of their technical qualities, versus the ones we have.

“It all depends on how much we want it next season and how much we are prepared to push when we play a big team like Sundowns. But, that’s not where you win the league. We can sit back and say we did well against Sundowns [this season] but the fact of the matter is…

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“…If you go back, in the first half of the season we drew away to Gallants and Baroka and if you truly want to be title contenders, those cannot be draws.

“You have to turn those draws into wins and I think that’s what we’ve got to look at ourselves, and say to ourselves that if we can do that, then points-wise we can actually compete with them. So it’s those areas that we need to improve on.”

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