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The Unstoppable Messi Beats Munich With The Help Of Neymar

It is true when they say when God Blesses you, He brags. Last night Messi showed the world his magnificent skills by scoring two goals and placed Barcelona one step in the final. As they beat Baryen Munich 3-0.

Neymar managed to score the third goal for Barca and added misery on Pep Guardiola. His fans went mad as the stadium bowed down and praised the talented soccer star, while shouting out his name: “Mes-si, Mes-si. Yes the boy has done it again”. Messi is currently the best soccer player in the world and top scorer in the history of the Champions League. This was Messi’s 100th European game and he has scored 78 goals.


“He is the best and nothing can stop him at this stage.” Said Guardiola.
Messi being humble, gave praise to his team-mates, as he said he could have not done it by himself. What ever Messi is on, we are positive that all the football players will love to have a taste of it.

Last night Barca had the power to beat the magnificent Manuel Neuer. As for Barca this will be their year in Europe. “I hope my best night is yet to come, but this was a good night” said the Barca coach.

Last night was one of the best nights in the sport world.

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