5 PSL Soccer Stars Kids Destined for Stardom

5 PSL Soccer Stars Kids Destined for Stardom! Many children like to walk in the footsteps of their parents. A celebrity kid grows around the limelight and a lot of cameras.

Years of watching their fathers in the spotlight mesmerising fans with their well crafted and silky football skills at different stadium have certainly had an effect on some on the Premier League Stars Kids in varied ways.

In this article we focus on some of the kids that we believe are destined for stardom just like their dads dazzle us with their soccer talents on the field of play each time they take to the field. Watching their fathers rake in the fame and fortune is leading their kids to overzealously desire to follow in their popular footsteps.

The kids in one way or the other are definitely daydreaming of the same career paths as their “super dads” where cameras inevitably beam on their lived realities. These names are destined for stardom!

Kimberly Billiat

With a cool sense of style probably from her famous father and confidence to match in front of the camera, Billiat’s daughter might have a future in television.

Hayleigh Majoro

Confidence and self awareness leaves many in awe just as the father left many defenders in his wake. “Welcome to Hayleigh’s Show” is her profile on social media showing her greater self-reverence.

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Meet my family, my mom, Dad and my cute brother 😃

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Alondwe Lebese

Loves life in the limelight as shown by the social media post below. Concerned with his image and dancing prowess he says. Social media profile reads: “Boss Bay with Big Dreams”.

Oskar Brockie

Being modelled to be a rugby star as shown by the try he plants under the watchful eye of the All Black Dad and he definitely loves it.

Zach Klate

Humble just like the father and devoted for a worthy cause that saw him featured on eTV news as he led a fundraising effort to get underprivileged kids get football boots to enjoy the game they love. Truly a touching story and act of selfless from one so young but with a big heart.

By Gerald Dandah

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