Benni McCarthy’s Baby Mama Drama Unfolds

Just when we thought we were passed the baby mama phase, Benni Mc Carthy has become the latest victim of baby mama drama. The baby mama drama started when his ex claimed that her baby is his.

benni drama

Benni started a relationship with the 19 year old Pearl Ndlovu when he was still playing for Orlando Pirates and that was back in 2011. Pearls family say that the soccer player ran away from Pearl after they discovered that she was pregnant.

” I am so angry with Pearl and Benni. Benni use to fly her across the country, ever since he dumped her she has become a drug addict” said Pearl’s sister

All Pearl’s family wants is for Benni to man up and pick up his responsibilities. Benni’s agent and friend Percy Adams says that these claims are rubbish, how come she never mentioned the child when they spoke last week.

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