Benny McCathy Gets Robbed At A Barbershop

Yesterday afternoon, the famous soccer player Benny McCathy was held at gun point by three armed man at the barbershop outside Melrose Arch.


“He had just returned from his trip to Disney Land in Paris, where he was celebrating one of his daughters birthday. As tired as he was, he decided to go and get a hair cut.”

“Before he could finish with his hair cut, a man entered the barbershop with a magazine over his gun, he was followed by two men who were also armed.”

“One of the man went straight to Benny, put the gun on his head and asked him for his belongs and money. They made it clear to the owner of the shop that they will not harm anyone. As soon as Benny handed over his belongs which included his ring, the gunmen exited the store. No one was hurt, as promised.” Said Percy Adams who is a close friend and advisor to McCathy, when he told Power fm this morning.

The police have launched a search to find the three suspects, even though they do not have much to work with as there was no CCTV footage of the incident.

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