Cristiano Ronaldo Gives Messi A Major Compliment

Cristiano Ronaldo Gives Messi A Major Compliment! We don’t know if it’s age or is Ronaldo becoming more humble?

The Juventus star recently opened up about signing to a big club at the age of 33 and in that gave his nemesis in football, Lionel Messi the biggest compliment.

“At my age no player would move to another big club for 100 million. At my age, and with respect to those who have done this, they go to China, the Emirates, or India, and finish their career without having to maintain their level,” Ronaldo said.

He then added the only other person in football who is able to do that. “You count them on one hand. There are two, Messi and I.” Ronaldo said in an interview with France Football.

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