Do punters prefer pre-match or live betting for soccer

As sports betting has become more and more popular, both SA bookmakers and punters have been looking for new and exciting betting opportunities. One of the most popular to be developed in recent years is in-play betting, or live betting on soccer matches. In-play betting is only really possible online as trying to do so in a retail environment is almost impossible. So it does rely on betting site have an online presence and on the punter having a decent internet access. Firstly though, what are the two main types of soccer betting.

These are the standard, well known bet type that has been around since bookmakers set up shop. They are bets placed on some future event set to take place quite some time in the future. As some examples, these can be bets on who will win the match, how many goals will be scored in total, whether both teams will score in the match or not etc. You are typically able to place these bets a few days, sometimes a week before the match begins. Odds also do not change that much, but can begin to swing as the match gets closer to start whistle. Players like these as they can take their time and do their research, as well as compare odds to make sure they get the most value. The downside is that, once the bet has been placed, you need to sit and wait for the full match before knowing if you boomed, or doomed. 

In-play soccer betting is when you place a bet during the live game. Bets are fast and frequent and you know if you win or lose typically within seconds or minutes. They have become very popular as they keep the punter engaged in the match, play-by-play, but also they let the punter place bets after certain events have taken place, so they can use their knowledge and intuition to guide them. However as in-play bets take place while the game is live, it’s typically not possible to do lots of research or to compare odds.

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