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Here’s What Christiano Ronaldo Has Done With His Millions

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably one of the most famous footballers of all time. He is a hero and idol for many – using formidable talent to secure a place among the elite. Ronaldo made his senior international debut for Portugal in 2003 at age 18, and from there, the legend was born. Known for his non-stop goals and mesmerizing talent, he’s now worth over $500 million and supposedly has earned over $1 billion throughout his career. 

Aside from owning over 19 exotic cars and multiple million-dollar mansions, how else does the footballing star spend his money? Let’s explore.

Poker and Casino Games

Unsurprisingly, Christiano Ronaldo is a huge fan of poker and casino games. Many famous athletes love to dabble in the world of gambling, primarily because they have the money to blow. Ronaldo is no different. He is regularly spotted in casinos around the world, practising his love of poker. He is an official PokerStars team member and regularly appears in online poker rooms where thousands of fans hope to catch a glimpse of the footballing superstar.

He also likes to dabble in online casinos in his downtime, playing casual poker and other classic and original games at providers like Mansion Casino. He’s not the only footballer who loves to spend their downtime on online casinos – Neymar and James Maddison are big fans too.

Property Investments

Real estate investments are a sensible option for anyone with money. In the US alone, the total stock of real estate amounted to $36.2 trillion. The housing industry is the biggest it has ever been, and it isn’t slowing down. Experts predict the industry will continue to grow at rates never seen before. It’s no wonder that Ronaldo has property in multiple countries around the world. 

In La Finca, one of the wealthiest parts of Madrid, he has a $7.2 million mansion. He bought a $6 million mansion in Cheshire, so he had a place to call home while playing for Manchester United. Ronaldo also owns an $18.5 million 2,509 square inch condo in the infamous Trump Tower. The list could go on, but you get the gist – this man likes his real estate!

His Own Hotel

His hotel is not the Ritz, but it’s a hotel nonetheless. Ronaldo used his hard-earned money to open his first hotel, the Pestana CR7 Hotel. He partnered with the Pestana hotel group to make his own football-themed hotel. 

The first of the CR7 hotels opened in Ronaldo’s home city, Funchal, near Avenida Sá Carneiro. A stay at the CR7 — CR7 standing for Cristiano Ronaldo 7 after his favoured number — in Funchal also gives you access to the CR7 museum. The second hotel opened in Lisbon, near the Rua do Comercio neighbourhood. Also football-themed, the hotel in Lisbon is just as popular as the one in Funchal. 

A stay in the hotel isn’t exactly cheap, but it is relative to the rates of other hotels in the area. Most people decide to stay at the hotel purely because it is a hotel that Ronaldo himself founded. It is more popular with families because of the football theme, making it more suitable for children. It isn’t exactly the hotel you’d go to for a romantic break away.

Charitable Donations

Ronaldo is very charitable, as are most wealthy footballers. Take the recent acts of Marcus Rashford and his quest to feed minority families in Manchester as an example. Ronaldo is by far one of the most charitable athletes in the world. In 2015, he donated $5 million in aid to Nepal after the earthquake that caused mass destruction and devastation. In 2013, he auctioned his Ballon d’Or trophy and donated the funds to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

In 2020, Ronaldo donated millions to hospitals in Portugal to help supply beds, ventilators, and infusion pumps – all of which hospitals were struggling to gain because of the pandemic. Most notably, he sold one of his most valuable trophies, the Golden Boot, and used the funds to build multiple schools in Gaza. His charitable work is felt around the world, making him one of the most respected footballers.


Of course, Ronaldo wouldn’t be a footballer if he wasn’t into flashy things, and he is known for investing in his fashion – mainly jewellery. Maybe you haven’t noticed it, but Ronaldo is a handsome man who likes to look sharp wherever he goes. In typical Ronaldo fashion, he invests in clothes that he thinks looks good, rather than what the rest of the world would class as fashion. He is bold on and off the pitch! 

Ronaldo is a world-class man that is loved by many and disliked by few. His lavish way of living life is similar to most footballers, aside from his unique football-themed hotels. He is a business owner, a family man, and an all-around great man who loves to use his money for the greater good.

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