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Herrera Feels Embarrassed When People Compare Him With Scholes

Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera revealed how he feels when people compare him with the Red Devils legend Paul Scholes. The 26 year old Spaniard had showed outstanding performance on the midfield since he joined Manchester United in 2014.

Ander Herrera Feels Embarrassed When People Compare Him With Scholes

Herrera has become everyone’s favorite midfielder with the likes of Michael Carrick,since he made his first debut in 2014. But he revealed himself that the one he hurts to be compared to is Paul Scholes.

“When people compare me with Paul Scholes it’s a little bit embarrassing because of how much of a legend he is and how important he has been for the club,” said Ander Herrera.

“I feel very proud when someone says that i can play like him but i don’t think so, I am Ander Herrera. I ma not as good as him but I will try to do everything for this club.”

“I can learn a lot from him. The way he passed the ball across long spaces,the high ball speed he always used to give to the ball so he’s one of United’s best players in history.”

“When someone says that Ander Herrera can be the next Paul Scholes it’s an embarrassing situation but also i feel proud.”



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