Messi Shows Us That You Can Be The Best Football Player In The World And A Great Father At The Same Time

Football players are always busy and away from their family and friends, they hardly have time for anything during the on-season. They only get to spend rims with their family and friends during the off-season. Well Lionel Messi shows that he can be a great  father and one of the best football players in the world. Am sure you have noticed that most of the games that Messi is playing, his wife and child are always in the background cheering him on.  Messi feels it is important for his son Thaigo to share all the glory with him. We have found a couple of pictures where Messi and his son Thaigo at some of the games. They look so cute, wouldn’t you agree?


Check out Some of the pictures of Messi and his son Thaigo…


Daddy Messi and Thaigo



Nothing beats being a father



I love you Thaigo…





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