PICS! Down To Earth Makaringe Spends Time With Future Stars

PICS! Down To Earth Makaringe Spends Time With Future Stars. Most of the time, professional football players don’t like to be in a public space because they feel uncomfortable having all eyes on them and being around people who’ll ask for selfies.

However, an Orlando Pirates midfielder Fortune Makarige is a type that loves a public space and admires people who follow him. It seems like he also loves kids as he has shown us meeting young school learners several times.

He posted pictures of himself having fun with kids from different schools, playing football, and signing autographs, he doesn’t mind. On his Instagram account, he wrote: “The expensive future is for the world and the future belongs to the kids……I’ve got the whole priceless loving future of the world around me.”

Apart from loving people, Makaringe loves himself and he always takes pictures with spotless clothes. He has a taste in fashion. Did you know? Makaringe is also a model.

He’s just one of the most stylish players in PSL and perhaps some follow him just to see his fashionable looks. It’s not strange because even on the field he possesses flair and usually demonstrates his fancy football when the Sea Robbers are winning.


Makaringe has had a roller-coaster run since he arrived at Orlando Pirates. He was one of the players who were tipped to redeem the olden days’ midfield of Buccaneers, however, it hasn’t gone that way yet.

Did you know? The 29-year-old midfielder was a Swallows FC Youth player prior to joining Maritzburg United in 2015. He was identified during the Easter tournaments and the journey didn’t stop since then. He spent four years at Maritzburg before a move to Buccaneers.

A move to Pirates was not a surprise taking into account he had built his name while playing in the so-called “lowly” Maritzburg United. Not only Ezimnyama was hunting down his signature, other big teams who are rivals of Pirates were interested too.

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