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Public Reaction As Neymar Is Involved In Racism Row

Public Reaction As Neymar Is Involved In Racism Row. The French Le Classique turned into a scrap as 5 men were sent off. Brazilian forward has since been entangled in a war of words with alleged perpetrator Alvaro Gonzalez. The Marseille defender denies any wrongdoing, claiming he’s had a clean career.

Neymar on the other hand is insistent that the Spaniard insulted him and made racist remarks to him. Social media has massively supported the Brazilian. Sport is currently on a mission to banish all racism from sports and society.

The public firstly want to see whether it is true that Alvaro Gonzalez said what Neymar claims he has said. Should it be true that Gonzalez actually said what he’s accused of, then it will be up to UEFA and FIFA to take the necessary steps.

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Fans want the big authorities to actually clamp down on racism. Bending a knee before football games is a “nice” gesture but it doesn’t really deplete anything. So this is the time for big associations to display their stance on racism.

In 2011 Luis Suarez was found guilty of racist remarks made to Patrice Evra. The English Premier League banned the Uruguayan for a string of games. He was charged a monetary fee as well.

Should Alvaro Gonzalez be found guilty of racist remarks in an official Ligue 1 match, the consequences could be detrimental to his entire career, let alone season.

PSG coach Thomas Tuchel claims not to have heard any racism come out of Gonzalez’s end. The referees also claim not to have heard anything.

PSG sporting director Leonardo was critical of the referees who dished out 5 red cards in the game.

“Fourteen yellow cards and five red cards means the match was out of control,” Leonardo said.

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