Ronaldo-Not The Best Player In Madrid

As much ad the world claims that Ronaldo is the best football player the world has seen, one of Madrids legands disagrees. According to a Real Madrid club legend, Cristiano Ronaldo is not the best playef in Madrid.


Jose Santamaria played alongside the late Alfredo Di Stefano 1957-1964 . He declared him as the most complete player of Madrid and makes it clear that Ronaldo does not share the same similarities as  this legend.
“Alfredo is the most complete player of all time” said Jose.

“He was able to strike the ball with his left foot, right foot. He was able to head the ball and win it back too.” He added. “Ronaldo is a natural goalscorer, grear player and really extraordinary” he added again.

He makes it clear that, he has not seen players as good as Alfredo.
Ronaldo is just a game away from reaching Di Stefano’s record  of 307 goals for Madrid. Maybe he does deserve the title to be be called one of the best players to play for Madrid.

Do you think Ronaldo deserves the title of best player for Madrid?

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