SA Football Stars & Their Partners 2020

SA Football Stars & Their Partners 2020. Professional football players have a short career. Their careers span about 15-20 years. Their careers are also incredibly demanding. They’ve got some of the toughest schedules any professional can possess.

So in the midst of these careers, professional players require a stable home and environment. More often than not, players find this stability in their family. Their wives/girlfriends and kids. This is the foundation that provides football players with their solid foundations.

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They’re able to fulfil their potential on the football field knowing that their partners are nurturing their homes.

Below is a list of some of SA Football Stars & Their Partners 2020:

Linda Mntambo

Daniel Cardoso

Teko Modise

Aubrey Ngoma

Bongani Zungu

Be sure to check out part two of SA football stars and their partners.

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