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Steve Komphela Goes Bezerk With His Retro Quotes!

Steve Komphela Goes Bezerk With His Retro Quotes! The eccentric Mamelodi Sundowns assistant coach woke up on the brighter side of the bed yesterday.

Steve Komphela has been attached to his phone for most of yesterday morning, posting his classic quotes nonstop! Steve Komphela Goes Bezerk With His Retro Quotes!

Komphela started of the day by tweeting “A smile reflects the heart.” Meshack

Steve Komphela Goes Bezerk With His Retro Quotes!

Komphela has since then provided us with some of his best quotes. See all his best quotes below, courtesy of his Twitter account.

“Humility is embedded and engraved in our characters, all of us. It is only us who perpetually fail the Test of Character. Pass the character test, it immediately radiates your humility. Your humility is the pass mark on your unforgiving life tests. Equally so true with arrogance.”

“Relationships are built from always giving respect without expecting any in return. It is a long and tedious journey UTD the safest and most guaranteed. You may not get it from others but constantly offer without fail or question respect breeds stronger relationships”

“I can hear Meshack saying “Yazi Mphathi….” and then rattles that hidden conventional wisdom. Black people WE CAN WORK TOGETHER, do not be told or influenced otherwise. Please. It’s easy, Respect.”

“Unity is Strength Blackman. Know that. They broke you into pieces to weaken you because they knew the POWER of your UNITY. This goes to everyone and all sectors. Unite and Conquer.”

“We learn both ways. In good, we learn what to do. In bad, we learn what not to do. In life we always learn.”

“Leo, Michael and Oprah were told they were not good enough. I wrote their first names because they defied such odds so you could know them by their first name. Tell her she needs no introduction anymore because she has defied the odds. Naysayers are actually hidden inspiration”

“You are as old as you think. The minute You stop living, you start dying. I am not a blanket that wears off each time it is worn or washed. Angiyon’ngubo mina. Think positive, eat well, worry less and you’ll live longer.”

Steve Komphela Goes Bezerk With His Retro Quotes!

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