WATCH! Oupa Manyisa, Brighton Mhlongo And Friends Out In Cell CInanda Africa Cup

Most football players have a great taste for swag and they spend a lot of money on expensive clothes. Brighton Mhlongo and Oupa Manyisa don’t rob themselves too as they’re always on point in terms of their wear.

They recently went out to attend the Inanda Africa Cup in Sandton this past weekend. As per their website, the Cell C Inanda Africa Cup is a unique knockout polo championship that offers an action-packed day with a display of exceptional horsemanship amongst competing teams from all over the African continent, with the closely contested and fast-paced final witnessed by a premium audience of 3 500.


Manyisa and Mhlongo are best friends and their relationship goes way back to when they were still teammates at Orlando Pirates. Leaving Ezimnyama Ngenkani did not separate them as their friendship seems to be growing more than before.

They even joined forces in business after retiring from football as they look to expose the football talent through their ‘My Football CV’ app that was introduced earlier this year.

According to Kickoff Magazine the platform, “essentially allows players to be their own agents and access footballing opportunities at a touch of a button. The app also enables coaches and scouts to view videos of the players and they can make direct contact with them from anywhere in the world.”

Through this app, much-needed opportunities will be created for aspiring stars or players who have somehow been overlooked. The former Orlando Pirates goalkeeper Mhlongo explained to iDiski Times how the idea came.

“What happened was that we had thought about it for years, but not in an App sense, ” Mhlongo said. “With Oupa his thinking was that let’s open an academy then I said to him that’s farfetched right now because we are still very much active as footballers, and an academy would need someone who would be hands-on.

“I don’t like delegating as such because when you delegate it’s like you are neglecting your duties.Then fast forward, we were busy watching as Oupa was at the Phillys games, we realised there is so much talent but at the same time we don’t know where it is going, we only see them during Easter tournaments when they resurface again.

“And then what happens to them? What happens to them is that you see the guys posting on Instagram or Twitter or TikTok their skills, their videos and they are only posting for Likes. That’s when we realised that we can come up with something different and help their careers as well if we can have an App. That’s when we thought about it, that’s when I came up with the whole concept to say let’s get an App that will be like LinkedIn because in the cooperate space you see LinkedIn has done so many wonders for other people.

“So why don’t we come up with something like that in the football space which will give people the much-needed exposure and opportunities? That’s how My Football CV came about.”

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