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Inter Milan Boss Antonio Conte Dishes Out Bizarre Sex Instruction To Players

Inter Milan and former Chelsea Football Club coach Antonio has resorted to desperate and seemingly bizarre instructions to try to end Juventus Italian football dominance.

Inter Milan currently trail Juventus at the top of the log by 1 point as they aim to wrestle the Seria A title that has become part of the furniture at the Old Lady.

Antonio Conte has revealed that he provides his players with detailed instructions as to how to have sex in order to maximise on-field performance.

The impact of sex on sporting performance has long been debated among sport scientists with one theory claiming that abstaining from sex builds frustration, aggression and, ultimately, results in improved sporting performance. 

Conte has explained that his desire to win has meant that every facet of life is analysed so his players are able to maximise their on-field performance, including how they have sex.

“During the season, I advise my players to have sex for short periods and with the minimum of effort, and better use positions where they are under their partners,”

“Competition for me is battle. I am very focused on the fact that in the end there should only be one left standing and I do everything to make it my team. This is my way of being. I live my work too much.” he told L’Equipe.

The tradition to abstain from seems to be a favourite amongst Italian managers with former England manager Fabio Capello famously telling his England team to resist their wives and girlfriends and save their energy for the pitch during the 2010 FIFA World Cup but it did not help much as they were knocked out in the first around after the group stage.

By Gerald Dandah

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