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Jurgen Klopp Remembers the Life of Diego Maradona!

Maradona would be the first to admit that he was NOT perfect. He will forever be remembered for his life on and off the pitch

Jurgen Klopp Remembers the Life of Diego Maradona! Liverpool took on Atalanta in the UEFA Champions League last night.

When speaking with the media before the match, Jurgen Klopp took a moment give a tribute to the late Diego Maradona.

“It’s like, I’m 53 years old and it feels like my entire life, he was part of it. When I was very, very young – maybe eight or nine, 10 years old – I saw him for the first time, and he was 16 or 17.” Klopp told BT Sport.

“In any video, juggling the ball, from that moment on he was the player for me.

“It’s like, from an international point of view there’s Pele, Maradona, Messi, if you want – one Brazilian and two Argentinians.

“I saw his documentary not too long ago; Diego was a sensational guy, Maradona had some struggles, let me say it like this. I will miss both.”

Jurgen Klopp then had to watch on as his side a 2-0 home defeat to Atalanta. The defeat is unlikely to hamper Liverpool’s chances of qualifying for the final 16 in the competition.

“He showed all of us what would be possible. We all struggle and fight with our whole limits as a football player. Is it technique? Is it endurance? Is it attitude?

“He just showed us that you don’t have to be the tallest, you maybe don’t have to be the most busy person in training, you don’t have to be always in time – it is possible you can still be the best player in the world.

Jurgen Klopp Remembers the Life of Diego Maradona!

“He loved this game so much, you could see that in each second when you watched him playing, even his warming up was special.

“There was Pele, for German people it was Beckenbauer, I don’t know who exactly it was for England, but we all had these absolute heroes who would make football look completely easy; it looked like there was no effort necessary.

“But they trained a lot, and they were just skilled, they understood the game on a completely different level – and that’s what Maradona did as well. He understood the game on a different level, and he knew what other players would do before they knew what they would do.

“So, that made him really special and, of course, he pushed football onto a different level, clearly.” Klopp added on.

Jurgen Klopp Remembers the Life of Diego Maradona!

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