Manti Mekoa’s Luxurious Montale Collection!

Manti Mekoa’s Luxurious Montale Collection! The former Orlando Pirates and Chippa United midfielder is an avid parfum fan. He is seen revelling in the finest smells that are available. We take a look at Manti Mekoa’s luxurious Montale collection!

Black Aoud: 105 Euros (R2 087,39)

“Black Aoud is a dramatic fragrance – but don’t confuse that with overly strong. It’s medium bodied and very rich, a bubbling potion of velvety rose and the old leather feel of labdanum, mixed with mystical oud tree oils. It’s a rare journey somewhere where you’ve probably never been and will beg to return to… all it takes is a little whiff of this amazing, rare elixir. If you seek a deeply incensed rose and sandalwood fragrance, one that would have scented the brightly dyed pillows of a harem, you need look no further.”

Oudmazing: 120 Euros (R2 390,41)

“An amazing Aoud from Malaysia, audaciously blended with Orange and Bergamot, sweetened by mouth-watering Pear and Fig, unveils a sensual combination of Iris, Jasmine and Patchouli, and warms the skin with rich Leather notes, Vanilla, Pink Grape and White Musk.”

Honey Aoud: 110 Euros (R2 187,46)

“An irresistible honeyed heart enclosing Leaves of Patchouli from Sumatra and Delicate Floral Notes, spirited with lively Cinnamon from Ceylan, is magnified with precious Laotian Aoud, Rich Amber, Leather and greedy Vanilla Pods from Madagascar.”

Intense Café: 105 Euros (R2 086,33)

“Montale’s Intense Cafe opens with a perfect waft of fresh brewing coffee that will take your breath away. The flourish of coffee bean is paired with a fresh, vegetal rose. The two combine for an unexpectedly dry and refreshing top note. As the coffee softens, a vanillic white musk emerges, slightly sweetening the brew with just a hint of cream and sugar. Even in the final ambery drydown the coffee remains as a rich and nutty presence. This addictive and surprising gourmand is suitable for both men and women, and is the perfect fix for the coffee addict in all of us.”

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