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Marcus Rashford Vows to Play Through the Pain!

The Manchester striker is a born and bred Mancunian. He is currently nursing an injury and vows to play through the pain of this injury.

Marcus Rashford Vows to Play Through the Pain! United also suffered pain as a whole on Wednesday evening. Manchester United were eliminated from the UEFA Champions League. They will now hope to do well in the UEFA Europa League.

He says that he is managing his injury day by day and doesn’t want to miss any big games as a result of this injury.

“I have to try to control things I can control,” he told the media.

“I don’t really worry about the rest. I take it game by game. I know I’m healthy, I’m smiling and I’m ready to play the games.

Marcus Rashford Vows to Play Through the Pain!

“I don’t want to miss a game, especially the big, important games. If I feel like I can still help the team by scoring goals, working hard and making assists, there’s no reason why I can’t play with a bit of pain.”

Rashford says that they simply have to move on from the UEFA Champions League elimination. Especially as he believes that they can win many trophies this season.

“We take responsibility for it but have to move forward. It’s something that’s in the past now. The reality of it is we can’t change what’s happened.

“We’re definitely disappointed but the only way we can come back from that is to win the next game. So that’s what we’re focusing on now and, yeah, the quicker we get the disappointment out of our system, the better.

“We can still win a lot of trophies this year – that was the aim at the beginning of the season. Just because we lose one game, and get knocked out of one tournament, it doesn’t change that. We can’t let one game cloud what we’ve got ahead of us.”

Marcus Rashford Vows to Play Through the Pain!

He says that the Manchester Derby against City has come at the right time.

“If everyone could pick a game after a loss, it’s the Manchester derby,” said the Wythenshawe-born forward.

“It’s the biggest opportunity to redeem yourself, as an individual and as a team. We have to do it together. We win as a team and lose as a team. That’s what football is.

“We’ve got to look forward to giving our all against City and then the same again in the next game, and so on. I think it’s important the quicker we leave that [midweek] game behind us, the better.”

Marcus Rashford Vows to Play Through the Pain!

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