May Mahlangu Revels in Double Storey Home&Lavish Lifestyle

South African midfielder May Mahlangu is a man definitely enjoying the fruits of his labour as he took time to recently post a picture of his double storey home in self-appraisal of where his hard work has took and afforded him despite his background, Ekasi where he was born and bred.

The Bulgarian based midfielder seems to be enjoying his lavish and opulent lifestyle as he he refers to himself as “A Ghetto Boy Who Invented The Slogan #AllShallBeGucci”.

To cap it off besides the house Mahlangu also displays a hot BMW 220i valued at about R650 000 which in esseence has become part of the new swag in town: hottest car-house combo.

The 30 year old midfielder who might now be entering the twilight years of his career definitely enjoys the glitz and glamour that comes with celebrity lifestyle as shown by his social media posts celebrating where life has taken him and his most prized possessions.

This also includes conscientious decisions made with regards to even his threads as he has self styled himself as Mr Gucci in reference to his #AllShallBeGucci caption on most of his social media posts.

Pics below show how he has fallen in love with the expensive Gucci Brand.

By Gerald Dandah

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