SuperSport’s Aubrey Modiba On Why He Looks Up To Shabba

SuperSport’s Aubrey Modiba On Why He Looks Up To Shabba! The 22 year old winger’s career is on the rise and his personal life still clean in the media, it’s not a surprise why he counts Siphwiwe Tshabalala as one his inspirations.

In a recent interview, Aubrey shared that growing up he looked up to Shabba for more than one reason of being a Chiefs fan himself.

“I used to look up to Shabba. I was playing as a winger back home and Shabba is a winger. I also liked him because he was never in the papers for the wrong things. Right now when we play I have this attitude that he is doing his job and I am doing my job. [But] After the game I look at pictures where I am marking him and I say ‘I used to look up to this guy and now I am playing against him’,” he said.

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